Why choose Furry's Kitchen

High-Quality Proteins & Fresh Ingredients

Furry’s Kitchen is about providing your dogs freshly-cooked meals with high-quality proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits to meet their nutritional needs. Our approach is similar to how we feed ourselves and our families. We call it “balance over time”, which will, over time, meet your dog’s needs if you vary the diet enough over a week or two. Feeding a wide variety of meat and vegetables give your dog the nutrition it needs. No one likes to eat the same thing for the whole life. So why should a dog?

No Preservatives & Additives

What do we mean by high-quality proteins? Only using the good parts of the animal. No by-products. We also say no to preservatives, additives and fillers. That’s a promise. Our recipes are made by hand in small batches and gently cooked to retain their nutritional value. We only source our ingredients from the same suppliers who supply to restaurants in Singapore, the same quality fit for humans.

Nutritional Needs

At Furry’s Kitchen, we are constantly looking to improve our products and offerings to our customers and their pets; please be assured that your pet’s health and welfare is our priority. As part of our efforts to best meet your pet’s nutritional needs, our product range formulation was reviewed and adjusted together with qualified veterinarians in a science-based manner according to latest scientific literature - our dedication to your pet’s welfare and to use only fresh natural ingredients in all our products remains the same.

AVS Approved

We are an AVS certified kitchen. All our food are submitted to AVS for approval, and annual inspections are done at our kitchen. And we only use ingredients from SFA-certified suppliers that our top local restaurants use.


CE and ETL Certified

Our packing machine is ETL certified with german technology and compliant with UL, CSA, NSF and CE standards to meet safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

Safe Packaging

We use ISO certified aseptic vacuum bags that are 98% bacteria free for your peace of mind.


 At Furry’s Kitchen, we only have one goal in mind. To MAKE YOUR DOG BELLY-HAPPY™ and give it a healthier and longer life through a simple and wholesome diet.