Recommended Feeding Guidelines*

*Estimated average daily caloric requirements are based on healthy inactive adult maintenance. Significant variation may exist between individual animals.

Diet Transition

The time required to move your dog from commercial dog food to fresh,high quality Furry’s Kitchen can vary depending on the age and sensitivity of your dog,but in general it takes about 5-10 days.

Think of this transition as a detox. For many dogs it will be the first introduction to preservative-free whole food. As a rule of thumb, go slow, as there is no need to rush the transition. Once your dog has acclimated to Furry’s Kitchen you will probably notice significant improvements. Even “premium dog food” and “healthy dog food” brands contain a staggering volume of indigestible ingredients, preservatives, chemicals, etc.


Most dogs make the change very easily. Some dogs with more sensitive stomachs experience slight discomfort (loose stool, upset stomach) which is perfectly normal, so please do not worry. Simply scale back the percentage of Furry’s Kitchen to old food, and transit a bit slower. Nothing replaces the watchful eye of a loving pet parent, so if you have any questions please give us a call.


Dogs generally love food, and especially love our food. The feeding guidelines, like all feeding guidelines, are approximate and subject to a given dog’s age, activity level and metabolism. With that in mind, begging probably has more to do with loving the food than needing the nutrients. If he begins to lose or gain unexpected weight, simply adjust the amount incrementally until his weight stabilises.


Furry's Kitchen 100% natural dog food is made using premium quality proteins and fresh ingredients. Gently cooked to retain nutrition. No preservatives, additives, artificial flavouring and by-products. Proper care in handling and preparing the food is crucial for safety and hygiene. Food must be stored in the freezer immediately upon delivery and can be kept for up to 2 months. Opened packets can be stored in the chiller for up to 2 days. ( Keeping it in an airtight container is recommended )

Simply defrost in the chiller overnight and heat up before serving. For any remaining opened packs, store in an airtight container store in the chiller. Remaining food can be kept in the chiller for up to 2 days.


Furry’s Kitchen food can be served straight out of the packet. However, for your dog to fully enjoy the best flavour and smells of the food, we recommend that you warm the food up just a little before serving. If you are using a microwave, 30 seconds to 1 minute may be sufficient. Depending on the make of your microwave. 

Important Notes

Once the food is thawed, DO NOT refreeze. It is a potential hazard for harbouring bacteria. 

Furry's Kitchen's foods do not contain any preservatives or additives. Always store the food in the freezer.

Strictly no exchange or refund for food safety reasons.