How to subscribe to our freshly-cooked meals

To subscribe to our freshly-cooked dog meals, add them to your cart and select "Subscribe and receive an invoice every 7, 14, 21 or 28 days"

If you choose, for example, 7 days, our system will email your order invoice every 7 days with a payment link. Once you have made the payment, we will receive your order, process it and deliver the soonest available date (typically 3 working days after we receive the order). Note: Invoice date is not the delivery date.

You will enjoy 5% off for all subsequent orders.

You can view, edit or cancel your subscription at any point of time. Go to your email and click on "View or edit you subscription"
You can change the recurrence or add or cancel your subscription items. Once done, touch on the "Get invoice now" link, and you should receive your new invoice soon.
To cancel your subscription, simply go to your email and click on "View or edit you subscription"
Scroll all the way down till you see "Cancel My Subscription". Click on it and select the reason you want to cancel it from the drop down menu. Click "Cancel Subscription"