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An absolute staple. Have tried multiple brands but always come back to this. Everything is superb, right down to the delivery. Shop always checks my availability, delivery keeps me updated if needed. Even called me multiple times when I didnt answer, since it needs to be kept frozen. Excellent :)
- xerika
My male senior dog after having Furry's Ktichen meals, his stool has more firm in consistency.
- charcoal88
Had purchased many rounds. I'm a repeated customer for many rounds too. My Pom doesn't had anymore diarrhoea issue ever since I change to Furry's Kitchen. Highly recommended.
- Jacelyn

My super fussy puppy doesn't like kibble, freeze or air dried food, Petcube and Grateful Pet.He prefers pork, beef more than chic, duck, salmon.Seems not to like lamb. But he's still eating better compare to other foods.Glad he didn't LS+vomit like he did after eating GP.

- autumnwhiterose

Numerous purchase. Enough said. Prior to this, tried many other human grade food but usually after 2-3 meals, she won't eat anymore. My toy poodle is extremely picky.

Since switching to Furry's she gain and maintain healthy weight.

- chrsoh

My Japanese Spitz who has skin issues has been eating this brand of lamb food for a long time. Mest is lean, and there are a good variety of vegetables that are added.

- Grace

Repeated order again. My doggy can't get enough of it.

One thing for sure. It's a good meal with nutritions yet able to lose weight. So well balanced n deliciously wonderful for my doggy

- Nigel

My dog have been eating furry kitchen for very long. Fast delivery and food look very fresh. Highly recommended.

- Monsterwong1610

My second order, and my dog really love it. Her poo is healthy and not so smelly.

- Eleen 

Monthly purchase for my dog who has been eating Furry's Kitchen products for years

- Nicholas

My maltese have sensitive stomach. Tried few fresh food brands but always gave her diarrhoea. Only furry kitchen suit her.

- sanntln79

 Numerous orders. Im a repeat customer as long my baby lives. Its the only brand she will eat. No matter what other brands advertised for fussy eaters, my baby doesn't like it. Her coat and skin is maintaining well with this diet as well.

- chrsoh

Dog's favourite cooked brand. Even finished salmon and pasta meal, his 2 most hated thing in the world and begged for more

-  f4d8i6kmex

Repeated buyer! Will likely swap to subscription soon :D this food does wonders for my dogs poop. They were having so many tummy woes before Furry's diet. Thank God for Furry's Kitchen

- mirabellafae

Great quality product! repeat customer...they really take good care in ensuring food consistency and my dog loves it!

- Jeremy

My doggy is a very picky pom that never finishes her food on her own. We've switched to Furry's Kitchen, and she is now excited for breakfast and dinner. The food has lots of healthy ingredients for doggos and hives her healthy poops! 100% would recommend.

- Bebe

Fast delivery. Repeat order. My puppy likes it a lot. Never miss a meal. Thank you.

- Joy

 Lamb packed with wholesome ingredients that my doggie loves. She has no more skin issues after switching from kibbles to human grade cooked food.

- Grace

 Great product with natural ingredients! dogs love it as always!

- Jeremy

Repeat order from seller. My dog has been eating this brand for awhile now and she loves the varieties offered.

- Viv

Trusted quality ingredients and always consistent. Its versatile as i can mix it in with my dogs kibbles. Will buy again.

- Joy

Super delicious! My picky shibas finished in 1 minute! Highly recommended, freshly made!

- Ollie

New formula food dog loves it. Repeat customer highly recommend

- Eunice

Never regret ordering this! My dog looks forward to her meal everyday ever since I purchased this. Will def order again!

-  beaute.sora

My girl have been eating and she like it. Have been buying constantly from them. Happy that my girl had been eating well and most importantly healthy food as well.

- Jessica

Great quality food as always! you can literally see the ingredients inside! My dog really loves all of it!

- Jeremy

Have been buying from Furry Kitchen for close to a year now. The food quality is definitely highly recommend for all pawrents.

- Eileen

repeat customer...quality ingredients as always! reliable seller who sells healthy dog food that you can trust!

- Jeremy

 My greedy dog eats everything except wet canned food. She would rather go hungry than to eat any brand of wet canned food.

I was worried my dog would not like these too as the texture is also soft. I'm so happy she is loving them. Real meat does make a difference.

- dolfin84