Action for Singapore Dogs Jazz For Dogs 2023

Back again for the first time after the Covid-19 Pandemic, Jazz for Dogs 2023 is a fundraising evening hosted by one of the most established dog welfare groups in Singapore with 450 registered members and a Facebook following of more than 46,000, Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD). Through the genre of jazz, Jazz for Dogs 2023 hopes to reach out to the masses and raise awareness for stray dogs.

Furry's Kitchen is once more taking on the challenge of fundraising, featuring our renowned Pork & Broccoli and Beef & Sweet Potato dishes. By sponsoring these delectable meals, we're proud to support Action for Singapore Dogs and contribute to the well-being of pets. Our mission is to bring joy to these dogs' bellies as they await their forever homes, believing that a happy dog leads to a happy home.


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